Caring for Your Cuticles

Cuticles are so important to your overall nail health and appearance. They are part of the glue that keeps the nail in place and also keeps the bad stuff (bacteria and viruses) out. It's not a big job to keep your cuticles looking and working their best, but it can be daunting if you're not quite sure what to do. We can help you with that.

Step 1: Wash your hands in warm, soapy water or start your cuticle care routine right after a bath or shower. Your cuticles should be clean and softened to cut down on your pushing time and to minimize any risks of contamination.

Step 2: Using a (sterile) cuticle pusher or manicure stick, gently push back any excess cuticle toward the base of the nail plate. Remember to only push back the portion that's creeping up onto the nail plate. The area of the cuticle where your nail meets your skin is made up of live tissue. You don't want to damage that.

Step 3: Using Cuticle Scissors or Cuticle Nippers, snip off the portion of the cuticle that you've pushed up.

Step 4: Rub lotion or cuticle oil into your cuticles to moisturize them and keep them soft and supple.

Extra Tip: Rubbing a little lotion or cuticle oil into your cuticles daily is a great habit to get into. It doesn't take much time and it helps to prevent dry, ragged looking cuticles.