Curler Options

Eyelash Curlers are great for making you look more awake and youthful.Curled lashes give the illusion of bigger eyes, which can be very welcome when you’re feeling tired. So, why isn’t everyone on the eyelash curler bandwagon? If you’re someone who can’t tolerate anything near your eyes (eye drops, makeup or contact lenses), then you will most likely not enjoy using an eyelash curler. For everyone else, it will be a matter of effectiveness, speed and comfort. In our opinion, nothing works as well as a metal eyelash curler. It provides a much better crimp than a plastic curler so it can offer dramatic results, quickly. But not every metal curler is created equally so here are the most important things to look for: 1. A rounded edge on the top crimping bar. This is the metal edge that will press on the top of your lashes. If this bar is too thin and sharp, it can damage or even cut through your lashes. Run your finger over the surface of the bar to be sure it is smooth and rounded. 2. The appropriate curler width. Let’s face it, our eyes come in all shapes and sizes so finding a perfect fit for a curler can be challenging for some of us. When you put an eyelash curler up to your eye, it should span the entire width of your eye. If it’s a bit too wide, that’s better than having it too narrow. A narrow curler is more challenging and time-consuming to use because it forces you to curl your lashes in sections. 3. The proper radius. The curve of the curler is also important when you’re trying to get the best result, quickly. The correct radius will allow you to curl all your lashes at once and you may be surprised at how many options there are. If your eyes are very deep set, look for a curler with a tighter radius (deeper curve). If your eyes are barely recessed, you will probably prefer a curler with a straighter edge. 4. Decorative or comfort considerations. From a handle standpoint, as long as the curler is easy for you to grip and comfortable to hold, then it’s a winner. Some people prefer traditional scissor-style handles because they provide a lot of control and minimize slip. Others prefer straight handles because they don’t like the feeling of finger-rings. Plastic or rubberized options are also available for those who like a softer feel or want to add a little color to their all-metal tool. Matching cushioned pads often come standard with coated handles. Painted curlers and those with decorative crystals are pretty to look at, but keep in mind that this is a tool that will be used around your eye. It should be kept as clean as possible and should not have decorations that could peel or chip, and end up in your eye. There are many specialized eyelash curlers available but if you’re looking for a traditional curl with the least fuss, a standard metal curler is your best bet. It’s easy to use, inexpensive and makes a big difference in your look. It took a lot of time and effort for us to find the “Goldilocks” of eyelash curlers, so we’re proud to say that our Denco Eyelash Curler is “just right” for nearly every eye size and shape.