Facial Hair - Love It or Lose It

Whether you're a fan of mustaches and beards, or prefer to be clean-shaven, a good pair of scissors for trimming facial hair is a must. It's not always practical or possible to use battery-operated or electric trimmers. Even if it was, those trimmers don't always give you the precision and control that you can get from a high quality pair of scissors.

Pointed tip, appropriately sized scissors are great for trimming stray hair or for creating straight mustache lines. They can also be used to touch up sideburns, trim unsightly nose or ear hair and even shape eyebrows.

But maybe you're a little nervous about putting a sharp, pointed object so close to your face. If so, you would probably be more comfortable with rounded tip scissors. These feature safety points to keep you from accidentally poking your skin and a slightly curved blade to allow you to get as close as possible to the base of the hair.

So, whether it's big, bushy eyebrows, a mustache that needs taming or some nose or ear hair you could do without, the right scissors will get your facial hair looking great in no time.