Just Like New

Is there anything more frustrating than investing in a good quality tool, only to have it work “not so good” after a while?  Even though Denco offers a Lifetime Guarantee on our Scissors and Nippers, you can easily extend the life of these products at home.  Follow these quick tips to keep your Scissors and Nippers working just like new for years and years!

1. Store your tools in a dry place.  Bathroom drawers, cosmetic bags and shaving kits are convenient places to store your tools.  Just make sure that you don’t put them away wet, or store them with other wet items.
2. Protect your cutting edges.  Throwing your tools into their storage place, especially if they are banging against other hard objects, is never a good idea.  Be gentle and store your cutting tools in a “closed” position.  And remember to only use your scissors as they were intended.  Nail scissors cut nails, cuticle scissors cut cuticles and hair shears cut hair.  To avoid dulling your scissors, do not use them to cut paper, plastic, fabric or other materials.
3. Keep the action smooth.  Open your scissors and place a small drop of mineral oil on the bottom blade.  Then open and close the blades several times to distribute the oil.  Wipe the excess.  Similarly, with the nipper, open the blades and drop a small amount of oil into the joint.  Work it in by opening and closing the handles several times, then wipe off the excess.  Perform this maintenance once a month or any time you feel like your action is getting jerky or sticky.