Performing a Perfect Pedicure

OK, I could give you the standard step by step for a perfect pedicure, but let's cut to the chase for the busier crowd. If you have time to soak and pamper, give me a shout by email and I'll give you the slow version. For everyone who wants results immediately, here's the cheat sheet.

  1. Hop in the shower, allowing yourself an extra 15 minutes more than you normally would.
  2. If you have really thick calluses, you'll want a coarser foot smoother. I'd suggest our Heavy Duty Foot Smoother, Nickel File or Callus Reducer.  For moderate calluses, try our Ceramic Foot Smoother or our Professional Foot Smoother. If you just have a couple of light calluses or rough spots, you'll want a less coarse option. Try our Metallic Smoother, Pumice Stone or our standard Foot Smoother. At the end of your shower, when your feet are nice and soft, take about 1 minute per foot and scrub all the trouble spots.
  3. Get out of the shower and towel off. While the cuticles on your toenails are still soft and damp, push them back and wipe them off. I'm kind of lazy, so I actually use the corner of the towel to push them back.
  4. Now, move on to your toenails. Grab your toenail tool of choice and cut them all straight across. If there are any rough edges, give them a quick file. Finish the whole process by rubbing lotion or cream into your feet, especially the heels, balls and cuticles.

The best part is that maintaining your smooth feet will only take about 30 seconds per day in the shower. Trimming your toenails and pushing back your cuticles can be done as needed. Isn't that quick and easy? It probably took you longer to read this than it will to do it! :)