Glass or Plastic?

Do you remember the days of “paper or plastic?” at the grocery store? How about choosing between glass food jars or plastic containers? There are great reasons for choosing plastic over other materials in our everyday lives. But, when it comes to nail files, we prefer glass. More specifically, we prefer glass from the Czech Republic.

We know. Even tempered glass can break. Nail files are not particularly thick and you can definitely snap them if you try. If you drop one on a hard surface, there’s a decent chance it will break. So, why would anyone ever choose expensive glass over cheaper, more durable plastic? Because, for us, it’s all about the quality of the results.

The Czech Republic is known for its excellent glasswork. The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is what, we feel, sets their glass files above the competition. Our Denco files are expertly etched to gently smooth and seal nail edges. When properly cared for, these files will outperform and outlast dozens of their plastic, “crystal” style or emery competitors. In a world of disposable products, these files stand out as heirloom quality tools. They last virtually forever, are easy to wash and come with a handy, protective pouch. So, if you have nails that are prone to splitting or peeling and you take care of your tools, we’d recommend trying one of our amazing Glass Files, available in three pretty patterns.