Trimming Hair, Wet or Dry?

Whether it's better to cut your hair wet or dry can depend on several factors. Thinner, straighter hair with a blunt edge can usually be trimmed easily when it's wet. Just keep in mind that wet hair is longer, so you'll need to adjust for any "shrinkage" when the hair dries. This is particularly true if cutting blunt bangs. Leave them about an inch longer than you'd like and see where they sit when they're dry. It's always better to go back and trim a bit more than it is to have bangs that are too short.

If your hair is thick, coarse or textured, you might have better luck with a dry cut. Because your hair can have different levels of porosity or wave/curl, it will look very different dry than it does wet. A small cut on wet hair can result in a very uneven section when your hair dries. Though you won't have to worry about any shrinkage with dry hair, you may still not get a perfectly straight cut. As you know, your hair falls slightly differently every day, so what looks fantastic on the day you trim, might be a touch off on the next day. As with wet hair, it's always best to leave your hair a bit longer than you'd like it. Then you'll have room to touch up any uneven parts.