Denco Easy Grip Heavy Duty Foot Smoother

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Denco's 8236 Heavy Duty Foot Smoother is a must-have tool for anyone with stubborn calluses.

It is a favorite of pedicure professionals for good reason; it is simply the most comfortable, convenient way to reduce even the thickest calluses or most badly cracked heels.

  • The smoother features a coarse grit on one side and a medium grit on the other.
  • The abrasive sheet is long-lasting (up to 500 uses before any wear) and easy to clean.
  • The long, easy-to-hold handle helps you to reach every part of your foot in comfort.

Even if you think nothing can help your cracked, callused feet, you will be amazed by how quickly and easily this tool gives you the smooth, soft, beautiful feet you want!

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