Denco Evolution Point Tip Tweezers

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  • Perfectly aligned, thin tips grasp even small, fine hair without slipping or breaking.
  • Lightweight tension reduces wrist strain and ergonomic shape allows for multiple grips.
  • Stainless steel construction prevents rust.
  • Non-slip finger and palm pads increase stability and comfort.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
The Evolution Point Tip Tweezers feature needle-fine tips to quickly remove ingrown hair or splinters. No more painful poking around because the tips slide easily under the top layer of skin and securely grasp the hair or splinter without slipping.  
You'll also find that point tip tweezers are great for precision tweezing and hair removal in hard-to-reach areas where a slant tip is too thick to let you see what you're doing.  
With the Evolution ergonomic design you'll be able to hold the tweezers in a traditional “pinch grip” and also have the flexibility to use a “palm grip” for extra stability.  If you are suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome and sometimes find it painful to pinch your thumb and pointer finger together, these tweezers will be an excellent solution.  

Aside from the rounded back and contoured shape, you'll find that the cushioned pads improve your grip and add to your comfort.

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