Flip-to-Dry Brush Organizer & Drying Rack

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Denco’s 4967N Flip-to-Dry Brush Organizer & Drying Rack is a must-have for makeup brush storage. Compact and convenient, the organizer features space for 12 brushes of varying handle size. The lightweight and easy-to-assemble organizer has a 5.8” diameter and is 7.75” high to fit easily on a counter or vanity. Silicone inserts securely hold your most used brushes so they are always at your fingertips. Fun and simple to use, the organizer is also a perfect drying rack. After washing your brushes, simply insert them into the organizer and flip the disk for the brushes to properly dry with bristles down. When they’re dry, flip the organizer disk again and your brushes will be bristles-up and ready to use.

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