Gentleman's Essentials Nail & Toenail Clipper Duo

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Denco’s Gentleman's Essentials 6801 Clipper Duo features two high-quality, perfectly sized tools to shape and trim fingernails and toenails.  The traditional, curved jaw clippers with super sharp edges make quick work of trimming nails for no-fuss grooming at home or on the go.  The square design is easy and comfortable to hold and handle, especially for larger-sized hands.  Durable, rust-resistant stainless steel can be thrown into drawers, toiletry bags, backpacks and car consoles and will keep its sharp edge for years to come.  Black handles add to the sleek look of this set.  The Clipper Duo contains:

(1) Deluxe Fingernail Clipper

(1) Deluxe Toenail Clipper

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